Word of Life Christian School Vereeniging
Disciplinary System
Transgressing   or   disregarding   the   school   rules   will   lead   to   the   following   consequences. Any staff member may issue a C1 or C3 to any learner in any phase. ALL teachers have the authority to discipline learners at the school. Level of consequence C1 – Warning (issued after a verbal warning) C3 – Detention C4 – Isolation (after a disciplinary hearing) C5 – Exclusion (asked to leave the school after a disciplinary hearing) If 3 C1’s(Warnings) are accumulated the learner will receive an automatic C3 which will lead to Detention. Issuing of consequences Learners are required to sign the consequence form when it is issued (by teacher or by prefect). The teacher in charge of detention will keep a record of all C3’s that are issued. A detention form will be issued after 3 C1’s or an immediate C3 are issued. When a detention form is issued, parents and learners are required to sign it and return it to the teacher responsible for it. All C forms issued will be attached to the detention form. All C’s are cancelled after 6 months from the date of issue. Detention Each phase will have separate detention locations and will be detained by the teachers who teach in that phase. Detention will be held on a Friday afternoon after school for 1 hour. Detention is supposed to be an inconvenience and is supposed to be experienced as unpleasant – therefore parents SHOULD NOT make excuses for their child not to attend detention. Parents are kindly requested to cooperate with regard to this matter. During this time learners will be required to do the punishment which the teacher assigns (can vary from writing out rules to cleaning the property). Learners who miss their detention will be assigned a double detention (2 consecutive weeks). Repeat offenders will face a disciplinary hearing held by the Principal and HOD of the relevant phase. This hearing will lead to more serious consequences.