Word of Life Christian School Vereeniging
Role and Authority of Prefects Prefects are expected to assist the staff to enforce the school rules. Their primary role is to act as the mediator between learners and the staff. Prefects have the authority to write out C1’s and C3’s. They are encouraged to show initiative and to organise projects. The School Management Team may suspend the prefect status of any learner if they bring the school’s name, or any of its staff, into disrepute.
Primary School Prefects - 2018
High School Prefects - 2018
Back Row L-R: J   Wood(Head   Girl),   X   Rombolakis,   C   Lamusse,   A   vd   Walt(Deputy Head Girl), M Victor, A Koekemoer, M Malindi, A Thusi Middle Row L-R: P Mbili, G Gericke, A Beltrao, M Thomas, S Jones, B de Villiers Front Row L-R: T   Mahlabegwane(Head   Boy),K   Letsie,   C   Cotton,   R   Rogan(Deputy Head Boy)
T Kanyenze, K Rowntree, B Motloung(Head Boy), S Toye(Head Girl), O Mateane