Word of Life Christian School Vereeniging
Grade R - General Information
GRADE R – WIGGLY WORDS Uniforms Own clothes, any shirt or T-shirt with a pair of shorts/jeans/tracksuit pants. Girls may not wear skirts unless a pair of leggings is worn underneath. No jewellery may be worn.
School Hours Normal School Hours School starts at 07h40 School ends: Monday - Thursday: 12h30 supervision in classroom until 13h30 Please ensure learners are collected by 13h30 Friday: 12h30 supervision in classroom until 13h00 During exam time (Terms 2 and 4) School ends: 12h00 supervision in classroom until 13h00 End-of-Term School will close at 10h30.
Tuck-shop Only avaibale on a Friday; orders are to be placed before 14:00 on a Thursday. Lunch Boxes: Please ensure that you pack healthy lunchboxes for learners (e.g. yoghurt, fruit, and sandwiches).